Drawings and paintings and stuff by Hobart based artist Tom O'Hern. Tom is represented by Bett Gallery.

catalogue over here

nice little write up by ashley crawford over here
I'll be showing some big paintings with Black Art Projects at Sydney Contemporary. :-)

Late night studio hermit
an illustration for Brihony Doyle's article 'Give Me Luxuray or Give Me Death' in the latest issue of The Lifted Brow

super talented jean poole animated some of my drawings at mona foma. more here.

thirty laps around the sun. kind of fucked up the face, but you know, s'all good.

I've taken my vitamin d tablets ad I've gone for a walk on Knocklofty and I'm feeling much better now. Honest. 210 x 160 cm

some bits and pieces from around Faux Mo 2015

you ruin everything

Mr Fluffy

I was asked to give a lecture on the topic of 'crossing the line' at the Australian Design Biennale.
I made this thing instead.
It went down like a ton of bricks in slow motion. I probably should have just given a talk.

I've got some drawings in the spooky edition of the Lifted Brow
a little portrait commission I did

tom kitten


been hiding and drawing on a smaller island than usual

i've had the flu for like a zillion years

My new comic Blood and Bone out through San Kessto Publications. Launch this Saturday if your in Hobart. :)

poster collaboration with Nadine Kessler for Her Majesty's Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival
i'm doing a comic for it over HERE

coupe la tĂȘte

(maydena rulz)

Tattoo the dude

A couple of pictures from Whack and Blight an exhibition of work from Tom O'Hern (me) and Michael Schlitz at Sawtooth Gallery in Launceston
I've got some work on the cover and inside Fluid Prejudice -Australian History Comic Anthology curated by Sam Wallman, available HERE
pest hobart (new studio) :-)
Work from my latest exhibition 'Flat Earth' with Black Art Projects. Catalogue over here.

A big dumb ape with a big dumb brain. Locked in a warehouse and covered in paint. All I need is a cave or a little unabomber shack in the bush with a really good internet connection where I can hide and draw all day with ink made from toad slime and the crushed up bones of road

The grrreat disappointment

Smart people know best

Brightly coloured sphincters

Cold and lonely :(

Thievingfuckwitasaurus Rex

Brain vomit


Paranoid (bubbling like flies and wasps and maggots on a bloated possum)